Announcing Zimmer Group Canada


Zimmer Group is expanding their North American business.

As part of the global consolidation for Zimmer Group Products, the sales and service operations for Handling Technologies previously sold in Canada by:


Sommer Automatic

Sommer Automatic Inc.

130 Matheson Blvd. East, Unit 14                     

Mississauga, Ontario                                

L4Z 1Y6



Will now be sold and serviced by Zimmer Group Canada Inc.


Zimmer Group Canada Inc. will offer products and services from the parent company‘s six technology ranges:

Handling Technology, Damping Technology, Linear Technology, Process Technology, Tooling Technology and Machine Tooling Technology


Our current existing network of official, authorized distributors will remain unchanged.


From February 16th 2016, all inquiries should be addressed to:


Zimmer Group

Zimmer Group Canada Inc.

26 Saunders Road

Barrie, Ontario

L4N 9A8


P: 416-766-6371

F: 416-766-6370


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